Huey twoey

onto the 412

pretty much identical mouldings, just smaller

so the same assembly to start with

and continue with, although on the 412 the other supplied optional hatch on the tailboom

And also, because this is a SAR version the winches. Two options are provided in the kit

and I have built both up, and will check references for the correct one later on.


Huey top

thence on to the engine cowling

quite an array of parts

it took a while, with the lack of clarity in the instructions, to figure out how to attach the intake splitter plates

but the top and side covers were self explanatory, but will need some careful fettling around the corners to get things looking right

ditto the exhaust ports and front moulding

Huey off

And assembly starts…

In the 212 we start with the cockpit floor

Adding in the front frames

Then onto the skids, adding the forward “hooks”

And the optional panel in the tailboom and one of the underside protuberances

Heller SE313 Allouette II

As a third option

Heller’s Allouette II as flown (Briefly) by the British army

The plastic looks pretty simplistic

as do the instructions

and the decals but, guess what, …

it doesn’t matter because I am building this aircraft. Not sue how I am going to recreate the egg basket around the tail boom though….

Italeri AB 412

Next up, to follow on from the 1/48

the 1/72 version of it’s derivative the Bell 412, also flown as a “Griffin” by the RAF

despite a different layout on the runners the mouldings look largely identical to the 212 so I am assuming they are pantographed from one to the other. This time we have a charming dark blue tone to the proceedings

and the instructions are the same fold out sheet

The decals are a bit more sparse

but, again, irrelevant as I am building to this colour scheme and markings.

Italeri Bell AB 212

As you know by now, the completion of a set of Jets means a switch to rotary wings

This time out another imported RAF bird, the Bell 212, known as the Griffin in the UK. A derivative of the erstwhile “Huey” but with twin engines. In 1/48 I have gone for the italeri offering

The plastic is the usual Italeri strange colour (I presume based on the likely finish colour a’la matchbox) in this case olive drab(ish) but the detail looks nice and crisp

assembly instructions are on a fold out sheet, along with te colour and decal placement in a very confusing monotone. Not a problem as you shall see

The included “Superdecal” sheet looks comprehensive, but largely irrelevant

As I will be modelling this aircraft so will be sourcing all My decals from the spares box

Revell Eurofighters

Time for the group shot

and here they are all together

Overall not a bad set of kits but strangely uninspiring plastic. Typical Revell then!

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