Outs and Ins

Intakes and Exhaust systems are next.

For the Kinetic Alpha Jet this means two full length inlet ducts, moulded as two part assemblies, annoyingly I appear to have forgotten to take a picture of the separate pieces, so here are the completed assemblies

and the impeller fronts

Surprising the exhausts are a simple tube moulded into the rear of the fuselage pods.


Wheely fine

Last up, the Hawk undercarriage

The same wheel structure as the Alpha Jet

and a multi part structure for the nosewheel

simpler to figure out

A bunch of fittings for the nose wheel bay

The main bay itself I have decided to fit into the fuselage now

The main bays are more complex

with the walls needing built up

as well as the roof section

all of which lends a lot of good detail

The main legs this time are moulded as a single piece, which will be painted along with all the other parts

Wheely OK

The Airfix has a different take on the undercarriage

being built up more like a car

with a subframe to which the main legs are attached

and then fitted into the lower fuselage

and a cross brace added

The rest of the parts will just need painted

Wheel Wright

Next on the Kinetic Alpha Jet the undercarriage

First the main bay

a simple but effective design

The wheels themselves, a slightly unusual design. It will making painting easier, but those two piece tyres will necessitate repainting the seams after assembly

Same design for the nosewheel

The undercarriage legs are multi piece, and well detailed

but the instructions are as vague as this picture regarding assembly

The main undercarriage legs are slightly better

and the design actually makes assembly fairly logical

Finally there are all the wheel bay covers that will need painted

as well as the interior of the lower fuselage

Sitting fine

With the hawk we are back to multi part seats

A similar structure to those in the Alpha Jet

But a much better fit

with separate cushions

and ejector handles as previously

Also some pE, but a lot more of it.

Sitting ok

The Airfix Alpha jet has very basic seats

I will dress them up a bit, but they will do well enough under the closed canopy

Sitting right

Now onto the seats

multi part affairs for the Kinetic Alpha Jet

fit is not the best, but the top cushion will be fixed with some white putty and the rest is covered by seat panels

These seat covers, ready for painting

We also have a couple of ejector handles

and some PE seatbelts,


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