Bowled over

Our recent holiday in the Orkney Islands has left Me with a number of projects.

The first of which is this wooden bowl. But first a bit of back story. On one of our days out we visited the workshop and gallery of woodturner Michael Sinclair whose blog you can read here. We saw lots of lovely items, mainly either outside the scope of our purses or simply too large to get home. We had found some nice bowls, but then, hidden away on a low shelf were several unfinished pieces. These were in the showroom to settle at the room temperature prior to finishing and polishing. We fell in love with this bowl because of it’s shape, grain, and the remaining bark on it’s lip. After some persuasion Michael was kind enough to agree to sell it to us after a final shaping and sanding so we could polish it ourselves. So a few days later we returned to pick the piece up.

The polishing will be simple, a few coats of Danish Oil applied by cloth. I’m using Rustin’s on Michael’s recommendation.

I have decided to polish in two phases, so the bowl can rest without damaging the oil as it is absorbed and hardens. Here it is after the inside and lip surfaces have been oiled. Hopefully you can see the difference.

A week later and the outside has been oiled as well

The result is everything we hoped for and I hope we have done Michael proud.


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