Cabin crew to positions

There is a wealth of interior detail in the Shackleton


so to start the crew seats go in


then the main radar consoles get built up


curiously, other than providing painting instructions Airfix do nothing about the radar screens, a decal of maps is provided as you see, but I am surprised that decal for the radar screens are not. I have made my own, with the trusty hole punch and some yellow decal sheet


then this assembly is fitted to the cabin floor


and some more bulkheads added


into one of the fuselage halves, some emergency exit decalling


the rear spotters bench is added


and … something


then the floor assembly is slid in and further bulkheads added


take a look at that lovely crew station


the side door is added, I am not completely sure this is the right position, the instructions are very vague about how the doo opens but, as far as I can ascertain it slides inwards


And that is the interior complete, take a good long look for soon it will be hidden forever


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