A trio of raptors

Time for a change of pace, and another break of the rules. This time I have upped the output from two kits at a time to three kits. Probably just a passing phase, driven by an opportunity. The opportunity in this case being the bargain basement discounting by Airfix of their 1/24 scale harrier. So this build is going to be the 1/24 GR3 and 1/72 GR1 from Airfix, and Hasegawa’s 1/48 GR7. More about the individual kits over the next few days. For the moment I thought I would start with a sneak preview of the boxes, and a brief overview of the model subject itself.


The harrier has always fascinated Me. Apart from it’s very distinctive looks, it has the rare distinction of being pretty much unique, the only VTOL aircraft to see active service, and the most successful British aircraft sold to the U.S. So popular over there that, when BaE ceased manufacture, they bought the rights and developed airframe as the McDonnell Douglas Harrier, under which guise it ended up being sold back to the RAF and Royal Navy. The solution to the problem of vertical propulsion is incredibly simple, rather than adding vertical engines, or complicated ducting, just replace one exhaust at the rear with four swivelling nozzles. This, and the centreline undercarriage with outriggers the engine layout necessitates contribute to it’s singular appearance.


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