All the bits

The Wessex has had a few coats of satin varnish

So the final masking has come off.

And I can start adding the final small details lots of bits and pieces on the underside

Mainly the wheels some sundry pipework.

Not forgetting some lights

And aerials

And the exhausts

More aerials around the sides of course.

The white and the red

I have sprayed all the kits white. (2 light coats gave good coverage over the light grey)

And, with the paint hardened overnight, Masking for the red sections has been completed.

Whilst on the Tarangus bulldog the primary colour of Trainer yellow has it’s first mist coat.

The Airfix bulldog gets a couple of coats of Scarlet red

Not looking quite as pink as it seems in these photos.

As does the Islander.

Once the red is touch dry it’s time for the reveal.

Having sprayed a coat of white along the masked edges the lines are generally crisp. Though there is some overspray into some areas where I obviously didn’t seal the layers of tape

Annoying but fixable.

It’s the same story on the Islander.

Oh well.

The man in the grey mask

The airfix bulldog has now been masked up for it’s second colour

With the Lag sections masked up (and the props for the Islander, just while I had the tape out.

The undercarriage legs I masked, then glued on, just ’cause it seemed easier that way.

Red on yellow

The Wessex is now ready for decals.

And I have to say these are lovely decals

They slide off the backing in seconds. Are thin but strong. Don’t silver, and conform to surface detail with just a press of kitchen paper.

The colours are nice and opaque, in fact, they are perfect…

Except for the spelling mistakes… “Engine Acess” – really? (I still used that one though)

All in all they have been a treat to use.

And I just couldn’t resist trial fitting the Rotors.


A little detail painting now.

The Tarangus bulldog Propellor (Having been sprayed white) is masked off for it’s black stripes

The reverse sides of the blades being plain black

With the masking tape off, some cleaning up will be needed.

Meanwhile on the Airfix bulldog

The stripes and Propellor spinner are painted on with a micro brush.

And the stripes on the Wessex rotor blades are applied as decals.

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