black stripe

The islander have been decalled and varnished again gets some more paint

masking off the de-icing strips

and spraying them matt black

just a little more detail painting to be done now

decalled Islander

And the Islander is decalled too

an army logo and registration

a bit more obvious than the A109 but almost as sparse

Decalled 109

And here are all the decals on the A109

In it’s SAS disguise it carries the legal minimum marking

It’s military registration on the tail boom, later even this was portrayed in a nearly invisible dark grey

Less decals

Next up, the Islander and A109

I have shown these two together as they have virtually no decals at all, apart from registration numbers which will be dealt with when I have the time (As all the letters/numbers will have to be applied individually) That is it

Squirrel Transfer

The Squirrel is up for it’s decals

These are from an aftermarket set and include the chevrons underneath

nose numbers

and a scattering of identifications

along both sides

Islands revealed

finally the Islander

The varnish (First time I have airbrushed with Vallejo rather than use rattle cans) Looks best on this one

Next step on all three will be the decals

Standing Stone

One of the features of the Orkney Islands are the large number of Neolithic sites, Cairns, Brochs, Rings and standing stones.

Whilst crossing the causeway to the Brough of Birsay beloved spotted this piece of stone that reminded her very much of the standing stones we had visited

Having brought it safely home My task is to make a suitable mount for it.

First step is to cut a recess into a block of wood, getting this to fit the stone is simply a matter of trial and error using a cutting wheel on the dremel

after a test fit or several

then a cut out of the basic shape, as drawn in by beloved

after a few hours of grinding and sanding (Again with the dremel) we have the base pretty complete

I think this will work well

This is My part finished for now, over to beloved for the base to be painted, I will share more once that is done and I am ready to complete the mounting

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