Inside the allouette

The allouettes cabin is much more simplistic

Dashboard panels and controls first

Then the seats. A lot of touch up needed here, the seats where they were cut from the sprue, ditto the dash panels, but most of all the centre column where I clearly “Missed a bit”


Inside the other bell

Now onto the smaller kit

Again the same assembly method, starting with the bulkhead and seats and, you will note the collectives before the seats

Then build up the rest of the cockpit assembly, the fit being noticeably poorer than the larger model

including the rest of the jump seats

again the test fit, and a note to self to pick up on the painting of the upper ceiling face

And again the dash goes in, and I notice one of the seat frames needs a little attention

Inside the bell

Now for some assembly proper

The interior of the 1/48 Griffin has started, with the rear bulkhead and jump seats going in

Then the cockpit fittings, the seats slotted in sweetly, the throttles I discovered after the event really should have been fitted before the seats, and the rudder pedals were a terribly fit, needing surgery on the connecting plates as they protruded beyond the edge of the floor lip which would have caused all sorts of issues when it came to fitting the assembly into the fuselage and the fuselage halves together.

Then back to the jump seats

A test fit of the cabin ceiling highlights the fact that I have forgotten to paint the upper face!

Finally in goes the dashboard panel, a bit tricky working out exactly how this fits from the instructions, but when you figure it out the connection tabs make exact alignment a breeze


Right lets get started on some assembly

Starting by building up the seats of the HT1. The alignment of the cushions onto the frame is novel and excellent, the armour side panels unbelievably vague

Then the HAR seats, much the same but the cushion to frame alignment is less positive in this smaller scale

finally, and blurrily, the Allouette, this design really represents the metal and canvas construction very well

False start

Well, I was all ready to go ahead and start on some assembly

Then I realised I hadn’t painted the interior of the Allouette cabin. So some quick masking

A blast from the airbrush

And I am ready to go

Well, almost. There was some detail painting needed on the controls as well.

Air brush

For Christmas I got a reserve tank for the airbrush compressor

As sold it includes “all the fittings” required to hook it up to the compressor

Which you see here

Turns out I had to get a few more pieces to actually hook the two up and connect the airbrush

after a few combinations I arrived at this (Hopefully) final arrangement. But it leaks pressure! So I will have to get some better sealant (I used PTFE tape) and beak it down and re-assemble to get it working fine. Watch this space!

Power touch

Finally a little detail painting on the Allouette Engine components

And we are ready for the next bout of assembly!

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